Detective Agency Fox provides quick and accurate investigation services for individuals and businesses, using all means allowed by law. Detective agency with experienced detectives and a wide network of contacts and working with other detective agencies and private investigators to offer the highest quality detective services in Bulgaria and abroad.

Head office of Fox Detective Agency

Bulgaria, Sofia
3 A Triaditsa str., Center

(behind the Council of Ministers)

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call: +359 888 400 413
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Head office of Fox Detective Agency

Detective dgency Fox has a large and experienced team of private detectives with a minimum of 10 years experience in detective services or closely related activities. Investigators are former officers, security companies and other similar activities. Detective Agency is working with many other detective agencies at home and abroad, enabling quick and efficient investigation, monitoring, gathering facts and evidence, personal or business intelligence, etc. Team Detective agency Fox Bulgaria is specialized mainly in detecting cheating, tracing of individuals and records, monitoring of "objects" of inquiry, search for biological parents, and other personal and business inquiry.

It is good to point out that only in the past year, most clients have benefited from the service disclosure of infidelity, but in view of the results and competitive price continue to use our other detective services.

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